Winter Warble - 5
December 15, 2021

Feliks has a solution.

Song for the Page: Christmas Eve / Sarajevo (Timeless Version) - Trans Siberian Orchestra

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“Oi, Highpockets, what’s wrong with Rose?”

“He fell into a snowbank.”


Merlow turned his head enough to see Feliks looking down at them both from their perch up on Sven’s shoulder. From behind the pair, Diana backtracked her way over, stepping in the footprints she’d left behind. “You could have stayed with the wagons,” Nocturne said gently, and Merlow shook his head.

“‘S too quiet,” he mumbled, and turned to press his face into Nocturne’s shirt again. “That’s all winter is - cold an’ quiet.”

Nocturne exhaled slowly. To Merlow’s chilled ears, it sounded like understanding.

Out of the corner of his eye, Feliks’ gaze glinted with shrewd humor. “Well,” they said, in a manner that told everyone present that Feliks had just had an idea and everyone should subsequently be very, very nervous, “can’t say there’s a lot I can do about that first thing.”

They hopped off of Sven’s shoulder with ease, not even leaving boot prints against his sleeve. The snow barely puffed up around Feliks’ feet when they landed, perfect and clearly posed for maximum effect. A fond smile caught on Sven’s lips.

“But the second?” Feliks spread their hands wide. “Come on, Rose. Like there isn’t a very obvious solution to that.”

“And that solution would be?” Nocturne queried, suspicion lacing the undercurrents of his tone.

In answer, a snowball hit the side of his face.

Nocturne blinked. Snow slid down his cheek, dripping off to splatter against his scarf.