Winter Warble - 4
December 13, 2021

Nocturne's warm coat.

Song for the Page: Christmastime is Here - Straight No Chaser


“Hues above,” he heard Nocturne say as a warm hand closed around his arm and helped haul him to his feet. Merlow fumbled with his scarf, wanting to get the muddied, slushy mess away from his face. Steady purple hands batted his shaking ones away. “Here, let me -”

Merlow let Nocturne unwrap his scarf as he peeled his gloves off, dropping the sodden bits of cloth into the trampled snow at his feet. Cold air bit his fingers and he flexed them uselessly, shivering fiercely. “M-m-might be a l-little more than a little n-now,” he chattered, ears pressed down nearly to his shoulders with misery.

Nocturne patted a final lump of snow out of his cloak, then quickly undid the buttons on his coat. Cutting off Merlow’s protest before he could even formulate it, the infernal stepped forward and enveloped Merlow entirely, arms wrapping around his shoulders, stopping the chill of the wind from jabbing into his body with the great flaps of his coat.

Oh,” Merlow breathed, his body snugged up against Nocturne’s very dry shirt. “Yer warm.

Without hesitating, Merlow clung to Nocturne’s waist and buried his face in his chest, relishing in the toasty heat that burned away the goosebumps. Nocturne’s breath hitched - “Sorry,” Merlow mumbled, aware he was soaking Nocturne’s clothes but couldn’t muster up the fortitude to stop doing that - then smoothed out again. Tentatively, without losing hold of the coat he’d wrapped them both up in, Nocturne rubbed tiny circles into Merlow’s back.

Merlow thought he might be using his thumb. It didn’t feel big enough to be more than that.