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Merlow the Rose
Diana the Fleetfoot Fletcher
Sven Rockscreamer
Feliks Halfdance
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Master Biggens
Ibaz, Count Bailey, Grazio
Symbols for the Hues
Dwarf Women Concepts 1
Dwarf Women Concepts 2
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The Goblins
Hestia Stoneweave
Outfit Set - Calcin (City)
Warren Byste
Phoebe Solanum
Outfit Set - Calcin (Ball)
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Promo/Holiday Art

First Week Promo
Valentine's Day 2018
May 2018 Promo
Pride Month 2018
End of Ch 2 Act 1 Header
First Year Anniversary
Valentine's Day 2019
SF Yemen Charity Zine
Pride Month 2019
Spiderforest Announcement
Spiderforest Promo
Halloween 2019: Ghost Merlow
Halloween 2019: Witch Diana
Halloween 2019: Vamp Nocturne
Halloween 2019: Bat Nocturne
Halloween 2019: Werewolf Sven
Halloween 2019: Zombie Feliks
Happy Holidays! (2019)
Second Year Anniversary
St. Patty's 2020
Trans Day of Visibility 2020
June 2020 Promo
Cover for "The Curt Rose"
Cover for "The Courteous Rose"
Third Year Anniversary
Pride Month 2021 (Ska band AU)
Cover for "The Curious Rose"
Halloween 2021: "Ink or Treat"
Cover for "The Courting Rose"
Fourth Year Anniversary
Cover for "Potato Power"
Cover for "The Courageous Rose"
Fifth Year Anniversary
0. The Fool
Sixth Year Anniversary
Cover for "The Dreamer"

Fan Art

Merlow the Rose

With Roses, by Adri Tibbs
Run, by Adri Tibbs
Shy, by Adri Tibbs
Nervous, by Ai
Rose Pattern, by AK
Tiny Drunk, by AL
With a Cat, by Alaska
Fun Pose, by Alyssa
Merlow Bust, by Alyssa
Bagpipe Whirl, by AngryMax
3D Bust, by BMR
Chibi, by Bri de Danann
Merlow Bust, by Cassie
Merlow Sketches, by Chrissy Hearts
Puppet w/Pieces, by Dante Galileo
Wilted Brand, by Deo Iadicicco
Birthday Gift, by FF
Pirate Sketches, by Heidi Holmeå
Merlow with Cat, by Heidi Holmeå
Dating Sim, by Heidi Holmeå
Merlow Dance, by Heidi Holmeå
Birthday Gift, by Izzy
Merlow as a Pearl, by Jon Walker
Glowing Flowers, by keii'ii
Sassy, by Keltyzoid
Bishie, by Keltyzoid
Advent Calender Merlow, by KEZ
Merlow with Pipes, by Krispy
Ebb and Flow, by Kristina
Sketch, by Lee Colagiacomo
Red Streak, by Lenny
Fall, by Mercimary
At the Counter, by Milk
Bagpipes and Notes, by Nat
Holiday Gift, by Phineas Klier
Happy, by RyoDaRocker
City Merlow, by Sage
Tooting, by Shizamura
Merlow smile, by Spencer Kelly
Tankard, by Tantz Aerine
Merlow Sketch, by Travis Arnold
Merlow Fun Pose, by Vamonkea
Ukulele, by Wizzy McPuffy
Merlow Sketch, by WrathDraco
With Birds, by Zoe

Diana the Fleetfoot Fletcher

Sharpie, by Alyssa
Healing Song, by Delphina
Birthday Gift, by Deo Iadicicco
Shiny Roses, by Glowbat
Diana Bust, by Lenny
80s Diana, by LeRenardRoux
Sit and Wave, by Sparkle
Classic Diana, by Tom
Diana Sketch, by WrathDraco
Nervous, by Zoe


Walking, by Adri Tibbs
Classy, by Ai
Violin, by AL
Classy, by Alyssa
Pixel Nocturne, by Cherry
Profile, by Deo Iadicicco
Chibi Reading, by Deo Iadicicco
Playing Violin, by grey
Shine, by Jemma M. Young
Nocturne Bust, by Jordan Lloyd
Nocturne Bust, by Lenny
Blushy, by Onyx Amadeus
Empty Crown, by Shadowhood
Colorful Violin, by SHIROASA
Forgotten, by Shizamura
Playing Violin, by Sparkle
Reading, by Varethane
Nocturne Sketch, by WrathDraco
Chibi, by WynautWarrior
Stained Glass, by WynautWarrior
Violin, by Zoe

Sven Rockscreamer

Beat Your Problems, by Delphina
Grin, by Deo Iadicicco
Wacky Sven, by Keltyzoid
Sven Bust, by Lenny
YEAH!, by Wartooth

Feliks Halfdance

Feliks as a Skunk, by Adri Tibbs
Feliks is Pissed, by Keltyzoid
Feliks Bust, by Krispy
Feliks Bust, by Lenny
Chibi Feliks, by snailienz
Feliks Sketch, by WrathDraco

Phoebe Solanum

Phoebe Jams w/ Sven, by Emma Thatcher
Phoebe, by jacki crabbng

Other Characters

Dorcas, by Alyssa
Warren Byste, by Emma Thatcher
Jayd, by Jon Walker
Nayvee, by Jon Walker
Captain Charlotte, by Lucy Lyall
Morana w/skulls, by Rori
Grazio, by SnuffySam


Crossover: Chimeran Legends, by AK
Court Sketches, by bitter-like-coffee
Court of Roses RPG, by BMR
Secret Santa Gift, by D. Biomech
Court Chibi Lineup, by Deo Iadicicco
Diana Merlow Nocturne Feliks, by Erin Ptah
Cameo-Ception!, by Erin Ptah
Big Pride Month 2020 Crossover, by Izzy
Stained-Glass Windows, by Jon Walker
Crossover: The Back o'Beyond, by Jon Walker
The Court as Cats, by Rachel Mills
The Clown and the Roses, by RyoDaRocker
Diana Meeting Jess, by RyoDaRocker
Merlow Dances with Estanis, by Shizamura
Saffren Meets Merlow, by Spencer Kelly
Singing With Cake, by TheNiceZombie


Drunk Merlow and Nocturne, by Adri Tibbs
Merlow and Nocturne Gaze, by Adri Tibbs
Nocturne Dreams of Merlow, by Alex Lutz
Dorcas and Merlow, by Alyssa
Merlow and Nocturne Kiss, by Alyssa
Merlow and Nocturne Dancing, by Basil
Diana Admires Hestia, by C.S. Garcia Martinez
Merlow and Nocturne Duet, by DaphnePanda
Merlow and Nocturne Selfie, by Deo Iadicicco
Merlow and Nocturne Dance, by Heidi Holmeå
Merlow is Not a Morning Person, by Heidi Holmeå
Merlow and Nocturne Sitting, by Keltyzoid
Sven Bullying Feliks, by Keltyzoid
Birthday Gift: Lesson, by Kir
Merlow and Nocturne Dance, by Krispy
Secret Santa Gift, by Lysle Enkelman
Merlow/Nocturne Blush, by MirandaDrawss
Merlow and Nocturne Embrace, by Niles
Merlow and Nocturne Look, by Niles
Merlow/Nocturne Watercolor, by Raff
Merlow & Feliks Drinking, by snailienz

"Draw This in Your Style" and Other Challenges!

DTIYS Feliks Challange, by Various Artists
DTPIYS Page 58, by Amelia "Mia" Dutton
DTPIYS Page 228, by Claire Niebergall
DTPIYS Page 225, by Delphina
DTPIYS Page 199, by eliushi
DTPIYS Page 14, by Emma Thatcher
DTPIYS Page 266, by Emma Thatcher
DTPIYS Page 303, by Emma Thatcher
DTPIYS Page 589, by Emma Thatcher
DTPIYS Page 628, by Emma Thatcher
DTPIYS Page 221, by grey
DTPIYS Page 179, by Krispy
DTPIYS Page 169, by maiji
DTPIYS Page 116, by malverav
DTPIYS Page 276, by MirandaDrawss
DTPIYS Page 33, by Shadowhood
DTPIYS Page 303, by Shadowhood
DTPIYS Page 204, by Shizamura
DTPIYS Page 303, by Shizamura
DTPIYS Page 332, by Space
DTPIYS Page 324, by Varethane

Fan Fiction


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