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Court of Roses is in the process of composing and releasing original music, from character themes to specific scenes and more!

Lilbluebox is our main composer, and you can find all of her CoR-related tracks in this album on her Soundcloud!

If anyone is interested in collaberating with us to create more music for the comic, feel free to contact us!

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Merlow | Diana | Nocturne | Sven | Feliks | Phoebe

Pinot Noir, A Merlow/Nocturne playlist

Fire & Ice, a Sven/Feliks playlist

Golden Potatoes, a Diana/Phoebe playlist

Songs for the Page Vol. 1, a compilation

Songs for the Page Vol. 2, a compilation

Playlists currently hosted on Spotify. Songs try to match each bard's music style, but also include songs whose lyrics I feel match them too. If you have song suggestions for any of them, let me know!