Guest Art - Gobchella, by Delphina
October 13, 2020

Guest Art #6 is by Delphina, another Spiderforest creator of the webcomic Sombulus!

A flippant magical scavenger is thrown together with a tinkerer who talks to machines, and a paladin on a god-given mission to thwart evil. As they battle immortal kings, fix flying toasters, unravel the fabric of reality, and brave the line at Wingbucks during Treea Spice Latte season, they learn to rely on each other to solve the problems they find… and the ones they create.

Sombulus is SO VERY FUN!! Its archive is long but well worth it, Delphina has really crafted a lovely and darling world. Plus her sense of humor is right up my alley; when she sent me this guest art I just about died laughing. Go check out her comic!!!