Guest Art - Golden Rose, by shizamura
October 12, 2020

Guest Art #5 is by shizamura, another Spiderforest creator of the webcomic O Sarilho!

"An ancient satellite, thought to be in orbit for over 500 years, crashes into enemy lands near the border of the Mediterranean Empire. Priding themselves as the recoverers of the technological might that mankind once had, the Empire dispatches a team to secretly retrieve the artifacts – going against the tenuous treaties that keep the borders peaceful. However, as the team arrives on the location, they find out that a satellite wasn’t the only thing falling down… And their enemies are interested in it too.

O Sarilho is a comic about rebuilding, forging alliances with the unexpected and facing the unknown.

There are also dams and satellites.

O Sarilho is a really cool post-apocalypse sci-fi and has a really striking style that I'm super into! Note that it's rated Adult for "violence, military, limb-loss, war wounds, [and] death."