Guest Art - Nocturne, by Krispy
October 6, 2020

Guest Art #2 is by Krispy, who you can find on Twitter! She's one of the artists of Hiveworks' Ghost Junk Sickness!

"Trigger Elliot is a bounty hunter who travels around the galaxy with his not-so-fully-licensed-and-technically-illegal-hunting-partner Vahn Gavotte. They're lousy at what they do and often resort to petty tactics just to get a bounty, this is their life. [...] Trigger and Vahn's routine changes when an ambiguous huge bounty surfaces; an alleged bounty hunter killer named 'the Ghost' with frightening abilities and an unknown motive."

Ghost Junk Sickness is a really awesome sci-fi/horror/action thriller that I'd highly recommend. It's also LGBTQ+; one of the main characters, Vahn, is NB! Fair warning, it's rated Teen for "scenes of violence, gore, references to trauma and abuse, and other mature subject matter that is not intended for younger audiences."