Guest Art - Best Friends Forever, by Q
September 23, 2022

Guest Art #6 is by Q, a dear friend of mine! You can find on her work on Twitter, and you can also check out the group she's a part of, Snackbag Studios, to read their webcomic Wayfinders: Off Course!

"When great wars end, you send representatives to seal the deal: a peace ship to cross the uncrossable ocean and make sure the war stays ENDED.

But what happens when the ship sinks in the middle of the ocean, battered by a freak storm and smashed to bits by a monster which, by all accounts, should not exist?

The players have been chosen, and the story can begin. Are you ready?

Wayfinders: Off Course is a D&D-based fantasy adventure comic, centering on found family and how empathy and connection can save the world! But there’s also action, fun, mystery, and loads of magic!"

Wayfinders is a beautiful webcomic I've been following for a while, following super interesting characters on their mysterious campaign. Go check it out!