Toby Boyd
Guest Art - Duet, by Toby Boyd
September 19, 2022

Guest Art #4 is by Toby Boyd, another fellow Spiderforest creator of the webcomic Clover and Cutlass!

"Maggie is the beloved daughter of Shulza One-Eye, the terror of the realm, and next in line to lead her clan of ruthless warriors. Maggie, however, mostly wants to knit socks. When her mother orders her to kill a pesky group of adventurers and bring back their heads, Maggie royally screws up by developing a crush on Jolene, one of her targets.

Clover & Cutlass is a LGBTQ romantic comedy in a D&D-inspired fantasy setting. It’s a coming of age story about learning to disappoint your parents, about choosing to do good even when it’s difficult, and about getting so distracted by a pretty girl that you get hit in the head with a chair.

Currently updating every Monday!"

Clover and Cutlass is super duper charming, a fresh take on the romance genre, and a comic you need to read if you desire cute orc girls kissing! Go check it out!