The Mindful Masquerade - 44
March 9, 2023

Comfort and certainty.

Song for the Page: Midnight Masquerade - Nick Murray

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Week of Mar 06-12

We Are the Warriors

C/O Scandal

Freedom is never free, and these warriors often pay the price to keep their worlds intact. How does a warrior handle battle and the physical and mental aftermath?

R.O.A.R - "The Eight" are a group of mysterious individuals subjected to extraordinary circumstances during the second world war. Decades later, we follow the journey of Monica, investigative journalist, as she struggles to pull back the curtain on the lives of those time forgot."
[R.O.A.R Webtoon Mirror]

The Devil's Own
The Devil's Own - Dominic's carefully structured world gets turned on its ear when delegates arrive from the United Territories. Will House Damien survive the upheaval?