The Mindful Masquerade - 10
November 10, 2022

The Court's Grand Audience!

Song for the Page: Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly

Another huge spread! Felt the Court's first huge performance warranted it! Here's the full-sized version!

And we've got LOTS of Cameos today!!!

Cameos are listed from top left, across going row by row!

  • Azura’s Sage, Kalista, and Beliar!
  • Hidden Elephant’s Zahrah al-Sulayhi!
  • Lime’s Walter!
  • Mia Dutton’s Iggy!
  • Helen Greetham’s Pphnarg!
  • Delphina’s Rana!
  • shizamura’s Angela!
  • Aron Fitzgerald’s Varony Domravilla!
  • Kay’s Toivo Kissa!
  • Pink Pitcher’s Ariana Greenleaf!
  • Kristen Kiomall-Evans’s Willow Diaz!
  • Lee Colagiacomo’s Anor and Rava!
  • Dante Galileo’s Percy Worcester!
  • Ashton Sanchez’s Gray Moon!
  • Tybs’s Quonn!
  • CrazyBryGuy’s Miles!
  • Jess Curtis’ Oxford Duke!
  • Shadowhood’s Sunny and Liam!
  • Xade’s Zeep!
  • Erin Ptah’s Leif and Thorn!