Lylac Learns a Lesson
Lylac Learns a Lesson + Special Announcement!
October 7, 2022

Our last "Guest Art" of this season is a wonderful little fable from Merlow's book, written by Miranda Wright, who you'll remember from our last interlude, "Winter Warble"!

Click here to read/download the fable!

And speaking of, we're formally announcing today that Miranda Wright is now the official co-writer for Court of Roses! Miranda has been contributing so, so much behind the scenes as the comic progresses, both in writing, plot, and even the comic's music! And now she's officially part of the team! Please give her the warmest welcomes!

In addition, thank you so, so very much to everyone who contributed Guest Art this season! This was a much needed break on my end, since I moved into a new apartment last month and it's just been a crazy time overall. All the pieces were beautiful and very much loved and appreciated!!!!!!

Normal comic updates will resume on Monday Oct 10th here, and Thursday Oct 13th on all mirrors. Get ready for the big Masquerade, everyone!