Winter Warble - 9
December 24, 2021

"You're welcome, Rose."

Song for the Page: Carol of the Bagpipers - Kirsten Easdale

That wraps up the Holiday Interlude! We hope you enjoyed the wholesome story, the music, and the sneak peak at a new character, who finally makes her big debut next chapter! And please, do enjoy the rest of your holiday season! As a reminder, Court of Roses will resume the week of January 3rd! See you in the new year!


Merlow sidled up against Nocturne. “D’ye want yer coat back?” he asked as they walked down the slope at a much more leisurely pace. “I need t’ change anyways.”

“I’m fine.” Nocturne smiled at him. “Feeling better?”


Beneath the cuff of Nocturne’s coat, Merlow reached for his hand and found it. For half a second Nocturne froze before his fingers tentatively curled back around Merlow’s. A flush warmed his cheeks and the bridge of his nose; Merlow ducked to hide his smile in the collar of the coat and leaned into Nocturne’s side.

They reached the bottom at the same time as the ball of wool, who reached out to help Diana to her feet. “You’re all so silly,” she giggled from inside her multitude of layers, and Diana beamed at her, cheeks red from exertion, snow, and love.

“Aw, I love you too,” Diana declared, and pressed a kiss to the top of the hatted head, prompting another giggle as their hands twined together. “Hot cocoa, anyone?”

“With mountains of cream!” Sven agreed heartily.

“And peppermint sticks,” Nocturne volunteered at a much lower volume. “I think we still have some left.”

Feliks dusted their hands together, deliberately exaggerating the movements, and shot Merlow a sly look out of the corner of their eyes as the others headed off to the wagons to start making dessert. “You’re welcome, Rose,” they said meaningfully, and ducked their head towards their linked hands before they took off after the others. Merlow flushed and squeezed Nocturne’s hand.

After a moment, Nocturne squeezed back.