Guest Art - Fireside Singalong by Mirandadrawss
October 8, 2020

Guest Art #3 is by Mirandadrawss! Follow the link here to find her social media, as well as read her webcomic, Into the Swell!

Ocean swells are remnants of storms hundreds of miles away. So do past actions cause swells of destiny on the shores of the present. Fate will always find a way.

Given the choice between a one way trip to the gallows or a return to high sea adventure, imprisoned pirate Fletcher makes the obvious choice. With Court appointed wizard Kelwyn watching his every move, the two set off to reclaim a stolen treasure for King and Country.

The ocean journey leads the duo through uncharted waters that hide dangers and secrets that could unravel the very fabric of their lives. Could this treasure hunt prove more adventure than they bargained for?

Into the Swell just started and already feels like an intriguing pirate adventure! Go check it out!

New Gallery Additions for this week:

by Heidi HolmeƄ