The Goblin Lair - 69
September 7, 2020

To honor our Bard-lord's Sweet Song and Wine!

Sadly, I was planning on having an original composition ready for this update and the next couple of pages, but between comic-making and my real-life job, it's been hard to find the time to try to make it on my own or hire a composer for it. If anyone is interested in it, or composing any original tracks for Court of Roses at all, do let me know! Contact info is on the Links page!

New Gallery Additions for this week:

Court of Roses was featured in Webcomics Garden's Comic of the Week, so we've gotten LOTS of love this week!!! A big hearty thanks to everyone contributing more to the gallery!!!

by Shizamura


by Heidi HolmeƄ

by MirandaDrawss

by Raff