The Goblin Lair - 35
May 11, 2020

The slumbering prince awakens.

The Spiderforest Application Season for 2020 begins in early June!

Spiderforest is a fun, easygoing collective of comic artists, where we encourage each other to improve our craft, look into artistic opportunities, and pretty much nourish a welcoming and uplifting community! I've been a member since last season, and I've supremely enjoyed my time with this group, learning ways to improve my art, about coding in html, about making merch and selling at tables, and just making really good friends!

Spiderforest is a non-profit, volunteer-run collective, so there's no contracts or fees, just to simply keep your SpiderForest site at least one update ahead of your mirrors and participate in yearly application voting.

If you're interested in applying, hit the link above, and if you have any questions, you can visit the forums or join our Discord! Good luck, everyone!